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NDoc is the famous code documentation generator for .NET platform. Unfortunately, the main developer Kevin Downs, for some reasons, gave up the NDoc development.

I had translated NDoc 1.3.1 into Chinese last year and I have some knowledge on the NDoc codes. So I decide to have a try to rescue the wonderful project. I named it "NDoc Reloaded", just after the movie "Matrix Reloaded", and now it's Reloading as you see.

Short-Term Plan

I've made a short-term plan to release a first beta 2.0 version during or after the coming golden-week (Oct.1 - Oct.7). Vision features of this version include:

  • Documenters: only XML and MSDN two will be supported in this version for time period reason.
  • .NET 2.0 support: fully support for generic types, generic methods, nullable types, etc.
  • Globalization: create a mechanism for globalization and localization, and get ready to be localizable, but only English language will be included in this version.

A Little Future Plan

  • Documenters:
    • MSDN documenter will be the center of all.
      • Support for .NET 1.x, .NET 2.0, and Mono(planned) three format of documentation.
      • Support for Web pages, HTML Help 1.x (*.CHM), and Microsoft Help 2.x three output formats.
      • Static texts in output documentation will be localized.
    • Other documenters will be dispatched to someone else, who are interested in them. If no one has interested, some of them may be abandoned.
  • Compilation: planned on .NET 1.0/1.1/2.0 and Mono frameworks.
  • Globalization:
    • Interfaces of GUI and Console will be localized.
    • Static texts in documentation will be localized.
    • In plan, 9 languages will be supported: English(en), French(fr), German(de), Italian(it), Spanish(es), Japanese(ja), Korean(ko), Chinese(Simplified)(zh-CHS), and Chinese(Traditional)(zh-CHT). These 9 languages exactly match the 9 localized edition of .NET Framework SDK.
  • Other Fixes and Improvements(planned):
    • Create a mechanism to support linking to other class libraries from third parties, like types from log4net, NUnit, etc.
    • Support for importing VS.NET Web Projects (ASP.NET).
    • Better support for arrays.
    • ..., etc.

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